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Kedacom Videoconferencing Product Services the 16th Asian Games
Author:kedacom   Time:2/4/2010 10:28:05 PM   Click:239
The 16th Asian Games will be held on Nov. 12-27, 2010 in Guangzhou, China. This is one of the biggest sport events in China and even in Asia. A total of forty-two sports sets a new record for the Asian Games, demanding high quality operations of the events, especially in meeting, security, emergency, resource management, training and collaboration.
Kedacom, a leading manufacturer of video communication products and solutions, provides a complete video communication solution to the 16th Asian Games. The solution covers total 71 sites, including 51 sports venues, 15 non-sports venues, some offices of the Organizing Committee (GAGOC) and the desktop video applications used by the department directors of the GAGOC. Kedacom also provides the maintenance and technical support services during the 16 day event.
By interconnecting with video surveillance infrastructure, Kedacom’s solution enables visual emergency management as well as rapid visual communication and collaboration among the command center, sports venues and offices, resulting in faster response and higher corporation efficiency. Thanks to its flexibility inherited from an open system structure, the solution can be reconfigured and redeployed after the grand sport event.
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